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Top Video Production Services in India

Updated: Aug 4

In today’s time, over 96% of people turn to videos to know about a service or product. So why isn’t every brand getting the boom they desire from videos? The reason lies in execution. From ideation to negotiating with influencers and crafting professional videos, it requires attention to detail and expertise. But if Brand gets an agency that can do all this for brands, it would be very costly right? Wrong! Vidzy provides one of the top video production services and that too in the minimum investment.

It leaves no gap in quality, perfection in each step, and even quantity as they deliver their videos in under 48 hours. Such services have revolutionized the space with the finest brands in India like Amazon, etc being regular customers of them to fulfil their video needs in the most superior way possible.

So let’s see why Vidzy is the best in the market today for your needs:

Services Provided By Vidzy as The Video Production Company

Influencer-Based Social Media Videos

Some of the top brands in India have driven their growth with these videos. You can educate, inspire, and engage users with effective social media creator-based videos provided by the full-service production company. As these platforms are getting more and more users and over 90% of customers want to see a brand video on it, it gives you a great chance to increase awareness through this service. These influencer-based videos brands can use on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, website, email marketing and e-commerce marketplaces.

Influencer Based Video ads

To make sure your ROI is maximized and the video captures your audience’s behaviours to influence decisions, this service is ideal. No matter which platform you want to put the ad on to grow your brand, it can deliver highly personalized video ads in just 48 hours. You can even get a bunch of video ads and target a different demographic with different videos for great results.

Creator-Based Product Videos

This includes explainer videos for websites or portfolios which is extremely beneficial if you want your audience to know about your offerings really well in just a matter of minutes. The videos also have the top influencer in your niche making it even more engaging for the audience.

Corporate Videos

This service is ideal for companies who are looking to make their brand identity stronger and increase their visibility and awareness amongst the audience, This service is provided rarely by any agency as it is crucial to manage the brand image in this which isn’t an easy process. However as the video content agency has tons of experience and the finest team of IIT/IIM alumni, they are able to nail the efforts each and every time.


The primary gap that exists between the potential customer becoming a customer is his dilemma or doubts regarding the product or service, numerous question run through their mind ranging from is the product is effective as described, how is the quality in reality and what not. Video testimonials can be the perfect solution for you as a business to remove that.

The finest video production services help you with this by creating testimonial videos by addressing the exact pain points that the potential customers might be having and getting the testimonials in such a way that it makes them settled and confident in buying leading to great sales for you

How Vidzy is the best Video Production Agency in the Industry?

Vidzy gives one of the top video production agencies the upper hand of experience, a refined expert team, a pool of the finest influencers who are verified by their process, and a creative team who can put out creative ideas consistently.

6+ Years of Experience

The company reflects an experience of over 6 years where they have executed over 3000 personalized campaigns. This gives them the credibility of having the know-how of what works in the space and what doesn’t

Client Portfolio

As the company has bought a revolution in delivering videos that go viral, they reflect a rich portfolio with top brands like Amazon, Meta, Instagram, Tata Cliq, etc being their regular clients. They have over 1000 top brands like these associated with them and they have made over 3000 personalised campaigns with them.

Latest Tools and Equipment

The agency uses the most modern and advanced equipment or tools like cameras, audio, etc to give an enriching experience to your target audience. It also helps you make the algorithm work in your favour as they push the videos that are high in quality and unique.

The company not only uses data to make decisions but consumer behaviour or consciousness as well to ensure that the consumer develops an emotional connection. It also ensures that all the pain points of the customer are acknowledged and a need for them to switch to your products is created.

To Sum Up

The global average when it comes to consuming videos is 84 minutes per day. This opens up a huge market for brands like you to get incredible growth. But to make sure your efforts are going in the right direction, you need experts on your side.

If you are looking for an agency that can truly fulfil your needs and position your brand better, then Vidzy is one of the top video production companies you can choose. It has cracked the algorithms and is an expert at providing all your video needs in the best manner possible. As they deliver all of it in under 48 hours, you can be consistent with your efforts as well. So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with Vidzy!


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